April 22: Weekly Health Roundup

World’s Oldest Dog Dies Peacefully at Age 30

Maggie, a Kelpie from south Australia passed away this week at the seasoned age of 30. Her owner, Brian McLaren, had said that “she was still going along nicely last week”, walking to the store and growling at passing cats. Our thoughts are with her family and surely her story is an inspiration for dog owners across the globe, via Fox News

White Women’s Life Expectancy Goes Down on CDC Report

The life expectancy of white women has dropped from 81.2 to 81.1 years in the year from 2013 to 2014. While this might not seem Iike that alarming of a dip, experts say that any negative trends can cause ripple effects. Increased drug and alcohol use are just two of the reasons behind this dip in life expectancy, via Modern Reader

Pumpkin Spicing It Up: Will General Mills' Trendy Cheerios Push Pay Off?

General Mills is adding to its iconic Cheerios recipe, introducing a “pumpkin spice variety for limited time later this year”. Though Cheerios is still the No. 1 U.S. cereal, many think this change is an attempt at innovation to turn around a general decline in cereal sales across the country, via Food Dive

Why Mosquitoes are Hard to Eradicate

To say mosquitos don’t get much of our love is an understatement. They’re responsible for diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika and are just plain annoying. They live everywhere but Antarctica and can hitch rides in luggage, cars and planes to make their way around the globe. Like them or not, though, mosquitos are very important to our ecosystem, feeding fish, birds, bats and spiders. So stock up on your bug spray because mosquitos are here to stay, via CTV News

Protecting Your Dog from Lyme Disease

Although exposure to disease-carrying ticks is only provides a 5% chance of contracting Lyme’s disease (there is a 90% of contraction in humans), pet owners still need to be diligent about noticing signs of the disease as it can most often be successfully treated with antibiotics. The most common signs are “slight fever, decreased appetite and/or low energy level”, which can progress to joint pain and even kidney disease, via WCHS News

Time to Weigh In

Any pets in your household pushing 10, 15 or 20 years old? Think they’re up for being the oldest pet in the world? Are you excited for the addition of pumpkin spice to Cheerios or would you prefer them sticking to the original recipe?