April 1: Weekly Health Roundup

Eating Pulses May Improve Weight Loss

Doctors from St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada found that “eating one serving a day of pulses such as beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils could help people lose weight”. These foods have a low glycemic index and break down slowly in the boy, reducing or replacing “bad” fats, via Business Standard

Is There Lead in Your Chocolate?

While lead in the chocolate we eat is a naturally occurring element, a recent survey found that “levels of lead in chocolate [were] nine times the daily amount that California considers safe”. The group that tested 50 different samples is hoping to work with chocolate manufacturers to remove these metals from the products, via CNN

Study Confirms Half of What We Eat is Junk

You heard right – nearly 60% of what Americans eat is absolute junk. The most common culprits are breas, soft drinks, sweets, pizza and breakfast cereal. This diet of ultra-processed food leads to an overconsumption of sugar, salt and fat, which contributes to America’s high rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, via NBC

Purple Bread: The New Super Food?

Bread has gotten a pretty bad wrap the past few years, a fact food scientist Zhou Weibiao is trying to change. He invented purple break, an antioxidant rich superfood that digests slower than regular white bread. The purple coloring comes from the infusion of anthocyanins, which is also responsible for the slower digestion, via CNN

Refrigerator Laser Can Detect Food Poisoning-Related Bacteria

Around 50 million Americans get food poisoning every year – something the Korea Institutes of Science and Technology is trying to change. They’ve created a refrigerator with a laser attached that “will identify [and soon] annihilate microbes residing on your food”, via Yahoo! News

Time to Weigh In

Would you add beans, chickpeas or lentils to your diet to improve your chance of losing weight? Are you worried about the chance that your favorite chocolate bar has unsafe levels of lead? Speaking of chocolate, is your diet made up of more junk than not? Let us know in the comment section below.