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Activities to Help Employees Get (and Stay) Healthy.

As companies develop wellness programs, sometimes the focus is on what can be done outside of work, such as joining a gym, making healthy dinners, or taking walks after work. But providing plenty of opportunities for employees to get active in the workplace should be part of any well-rounded wellness program.


Companies with well-rounded wellness program tend to see better results! 

Leading by example, companies that endorse or create opportunities for increasing employee health tend to see positive results in a variety of areas, from productivity to retention. As more and more workers seek out a balance between work and life, incorporating fitness into their work life becomes more and more popular.

Grow Employee Health With These Active Workplace Strategies:


1. Encourage Taking the Stairs

If employees are traveling a distance of just a few floors, encourage them to take the stairs. Create signs or posters directing them to the nearest stairwell by elevator banks. If you go the poster route, designing info-graphics of the health benefits of taking the stairs can add extra incentive.

2. Host Office Yoga Classes

Yoga provides an adjustable workout for folks that (generally) won’t require a shower afterwards. It’s also shown to reduce stress while improving flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. Not to mention that breaks like these are perfect to stimulate the creative side of the brain.

Yoga is fairly low-cost and low-impact; set up some mats in an open space, and employees are good to go. If it’s in the budget, though, it could speak to an organizational commitment to health if a space was renovated to accommodate a variety of fitness classes. Or simply adding showers to spaces could encourage people to bike or run to the office.


3. Endorse Walking Meetings

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a meeting on a gorgeous day, with participants looking longingly outside. Even being in a windowless space would be better, so no one knows what they’re missing. Start to endorse walking meetings at your organization. Obviously, not every type of meeting works for this tip. Walking meetings work best for one-on-one’s or just a couple people, and be sure to keep an eye on the clock so you know when to get back to the office.

4. Create a Step Challenge

Fitbits and activity trackers are ubiquitous now, and the idea of a step challenge is pretty simple: whomever accumulates the most steps in a period of time wins! With Benovate’s solution, employers can easily set up a company-wide step challenge and any employee can participate as long as a tracker or app is connected and synced. It’s a great tool to get people motivated with a little friendly competition!


5. Provide Desk Cycles

Desk cycles allow employees to pedal while they sit at their desk. Individuals can choose their own resistance level and the smooth pace of most cycle chairs ensures at most a quiet hum. If you can’t afford to get one for each employee, purchase a few that can be checked out during the day. If you have a big budget, you could also invest in a few treadmill desks to encourage employees to stay active.

Continue to Encourage Healthy Employee Initiatives Outside the Office.

While there are plenty of things organizations can do to encourage their employees at work, the real change still has to carry over into their home and personal lives. But giving them the support and tools to help make those changes and transitions will ensure their success out of the office, too!

What strategies do you have to help grow employee health around the office? Share with us in the comment box below!


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