8 Ways to Revamp Your Office Space

Being back in the office after the holidays always feels a little lackluster. The excitement and promise of the new year fades quickly when work becomes...well, work. The simple answer to this new year office ennui? Bring the new year with you to work.

Revamping your office space is as big a job as you make it.  Whether you’re striving for your ideal Pinterest space or planning on some quick organization tactics, any small changes will breathe a little fresh air into your space.  Laurel and Wolf offer up these tips for re-organizing and refreshing an office:

1. Transform your tech into art

If your company allows you to change up your computer background, grab an abstract work you admire or a quote that you find inspiring or motivating (Design Lovefest is a great resource). It’s not exactly like a window to the world, but it should stimulate your mind differently than work.

2. Pot a plant or two

Got a window? Bring a friend into the office in the form of a plant; even if you don’t have a green thumb, plants like aloe vera and succulents don’t require much care (or sunlight). There’s always fake, too...just don’t forget to dust. Either way, green plants brighten otherwise dull areas and literally help keep the charged air a little fresher.

3. Get a lamp and turn off the fluorescents

Dull yellow light is enough to make anyone dream of a vacation. Bring a lamp to work with a halogen bulb (or whatever you prefer) to keep your focus on your work.

4. Get into knolling

You’ve seen the Pinterest-perfect desks where every pen, notebook, coffee mug, etc is set at the perfect angle. It’s called knolling, and it’s process of arranging objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization. It’s not 100% practical 100% of the time, but with help from some draw and desktop organizers, it gets a lot more manageable.

5. Upgrade those office supplies

Know what makes knolling even better? When there’s a theme or supplies match in some way. Be practical with the budget, but have err on the side of playful vs. stressful.

6. Bring the personality

Whether it takes the form of kitschy figurines or your creative side decides to run with creating a collage, mood board, or gallery wall of photos, design a space that’s not only exemplary of you, but also works as a conversation starter (in a good way).

7. Keep your desk clutter free

Cluttered desk, cluttered mind, they say. Invest in some wall pocket organizers to hold supplies and papers that would otherwise become scattered on your desk.

8. Raise that computer screen

A major source of neck, back, and headaches is the strain caused by computer monitors sitting too low, causing us to hunch over.  Invest in a standing workstation or at least a stand (or if your budget borders on nonexistent, grab a few books or a stack of magazines) to elevate your computer screen to eye level. You’ll literally feel better and maybe even improve that posture a little.


What improvements have you made or are planning on making to your office space?