8 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ahh, the comfort zone.

It’s like slipping on your favorite pajamas and slipping between the covers. There aren’t any surprises, it’s cozy, but overall? It’s kind of boring after a while. Additionally, it’s been proven that stepping outside the comfort zone can help increase focus and coping ability. These suggestions from MTV are relatively low key but scalable based on *how* uncomfortable you want to be.

1. Wear something out of your normal range

Dig through your closet and find something you bought partly on whim, partly due to some indefinable attraction, but never wear. Or the necklace, or hat, that’s a little loud for your day-to-day. Design an outfit around the piece, and absorb the compliments and comments from people.

2. Go to dinner alone

The ultimate *me* time. And splurge a little, you deserve it.

3. Perform at an open mic/amateur night.

Take your secret talent prime time. Singers, poets, stand up comics, whatever your passion is, share it.

4. Change your hairstyle.

Cut it, color it, change your part. No matter what you do, it’ll come back the way it was before

5. Talk to strangers

There’s a kind of discomfort with talking to people we don’t know, but what’s the harm in asking someone how they’re doing? It could make someone’s day.

6. Get to work a different way

If you usually drive to work, investigate other options. Is mass transit an option? Biking? Uber? Anything that shakes up your normal routine.

7. Eat a food you don’t like

You’ve hated brussel sprouts since childhood. Retest that age old bias by preparing them in a different way.

8. Leave your phone at home

(On purpose). You’re forced to interact with the world at this point!


What other ways could help someone dip a toe out of the comfort zone?