Building a Stronger Community

Volunteering together can strengthen community culture.

When it comes to volunteering, the benefits far outweigh the negatives in most instances. April is National Volunteer Month, making this the perfect time for anyone—from corporations to families to individuals—to make a difference through a volunteer effort. In fact, studies show that most volunteers had the desire embedded at an early age. Whether through school, a parent, or someone in their community, many volunteers have made public service a part of their life from a young age.


The benefits of volunteering far outweigh the negatives in most instances.

More companies are taking notice, too. Corporate social responsibility, or corporate conscience, is becoming more and more important for brand strategy. Not to mention that many companies tend to see enhancements in other ways as well.

So how does volunteering help strengthen a community culture? Here are some advantages for both individuals and organizations.

8 Advantages for both individuals and organizations:

1. Good for Health

Science has found that when we stop thinking about our own stresses and problems and help others relieve their stresses, we become less stressed. Basically, the tension-producing patterns in our minds are interrupted by this action, and replaces it with confidence and positivity.


2. Helpful for Careers

From an individual perspective, volunteering can help boost your career in several ways. First of all, it can give you new skills and enhance existing soft skills. Additionally, listing volunteer opportunities on a résumé creates a positive impression for potential careers.

3. Increase Positive Perceptions

More and more, society is increasingly critical of businesses who don’t engage in some forms of volunteering or other social corporate responsibility initiatives. Creating these opportunities, whether added into incentive travel programs, hosting a conference, or integrating them into existing business strategies, not only increases public perception but is also shown to increase employee recruitment and retention. People like being proud of where they work.


4. (Re)Discover Your Passionate Causes

Many of us are simply passing from work to home, rarely considering the things in which we’re truly passionate. Volunteering is a great way to reignite those passions, whether it’s helping animals, teaching, or some other outlet. Additionally, as an organization, encouraging employees to volunteer for a cause they care about can help with work-life balance.

5. Helping with Sustainable Development

Volunteering is a way to make a difference in the world – literally. With a variety of goals set by the United Nations relating to sustainable development, finding opportunities to volunteer can truly allow you take an active part in the global community.


6. Make Valuable Connections

Depending on the volunteer outlet, most people are introduced to people from all walks of life, including like-minded individuals. It can allow you to form new friendships, find a mentor or even a future business partner.

7. Gain a New Perspective

Think you know where you live? Volunteering will give you a new insight to your community and needs which you didn’t know existed. It can create a culture of thankfulness for what you have, as well as the ability to share your own largesse with those less fortunate.

8. Giving Back is Fun

Yes, volunteering is something of a privilege, and should be treated with respect. But it’s a great way to build teams, meet people, and enjoy new experiences.


What are some of the most memorable volunteer experiences you’ve had? Share below with us and what you’re next experience will entail!


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