8 Nutrition Tips to Kick-Start Your Healthy Habits

Nutrition dominates the headlines on a fairly consistent basis and that attention has brought a lot of conflicting information to center stage. Are smaller, more frequent meals best for our metabolism? Should we be eating fat or no? Is it more important to count calories or carbs? The questions (and confusion) are endless.

Here at Benovate, we wanted to put an end this diet daze so we called upon nutritional experts to help clear up the confusion. Our collaboration with those nutrition experts has materialized in the form of a free e-book titled, "8 [AZ1] Nutrition Tips to Kick-Start Your Healthy Habits”.

Each expert provided one nutrition rule they never break for a no nonsense, straightforward book of advice that will empower you to make healthy choices this holiday season.

Meet Our Nutritional Experts

Our much sought after nutritional experts gave advice that was insightful, inspiring and most of all, they are practical. Their tips can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day schedule as well as during those high-temptation times like holiday parties.

Dr. Joanna McMillan

Dr. Joanna McMillan is the founder of Get Lean, the official nutritionist for TODAY, contributor to several magazines and blogs as well as the author of several books.



April Danann

April Danann is the founder of Rebel Foods Market Stall and has a private practice assisting clients with diet and lifestyle.



Marisa Churchill

Top Chef contestant and author of “Sweet & Skinny”, Marisa Churchill loves to cook with natural ingredients to create healthy and flavorful recipes anyone can make.



Courtney Swan

Nutrition student with a wildly successful healthy-living blog, Courtney Swan educates readers on the positive impact proper nutrition, health and fitness can have on overall health.



Martin MacDonald

Clinical Nutritionist and Total Greek Yogurt ambassador, Martin MacDonald provides nutrition and fitness support to clients through UK’s Leading Consultancy for Nutrition Advice.



Rania Batayneh

With a Masters of Public Health and having authored the best-selling book “The One-One-One Diet”, nutritionist Rania Batayneh works with clients through her nutrition consulting firm, Essential Nutrition for You.



Willow Jarosh

One half of C&J Nutrition and a nutrition expert for SELF Magazine, Willow Jarosh loves to help spread the message of health to as many people as possible.



Stephanie Clarke

Registered Dietician and the other half of C&J Nutrition, Stephanie Clarke is passionate about communicating accurate nutrition information in a fun and practical way that works with people’s busy lifestyles.




Download: 8 Nutrition Tips to Kick-Start Your Health Habits


Packing a Nutritional Punch


That's right - we brought the experts straight to you. But that's not all we did! If you’ve ever wondered what to swap that afternoon candy bar for or what a healthy and nutritional plate looks like, we’ve got you covered! We made sure to include information and advice that will help you put your new found nutritional know-how into practice. So stop wondering the grocery aisles in a haze or facing that work cafeteria with fear, download our e-book to give yourself the tools to kick-start your healthy habits today!


What nutritional advice or rules do you never stray from?