7 Ways to Promote Team Building at the Holiday Party

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means: company holiday parties galore. Instead of the usual get-together in the conference room or the long, noisy dinner at a restaurant, spice up your holiday party with team building activities.

Often employees are separated by teams and don’t interact with all employees in the company. Give your employees a chance to bond outside the office, away from their work responsibilities for a few hours.

To help revamp your company holiday party, we’ve compiled a list of seven ideas to make this year’s holiday party stand out and be the topic of conversation for months to come. Make memories with your employees and make this year’s event something to look forward to.

1. Volunteer

The holidays are a perfect time to give back to the community where you work. Brainstorm ideas among employees about organizations where you can donate a few hours of your time together. Look for organizations where employees can work as a team outside of the office environment.

2. Secret Gift Exchange

For employees who would like to participate, draw names from a hat for a secret gift exchange. Create an affordable spending limit (for example $10) and encourage employees to be creative about surprising their coworkers with a small gift.

3. Team Igloo Challenge

A department or team meeting is the perfect time for a quick challenge among coworkers. Separate employees into small groups (3-5) and provide them with foil-covered cardboard, a bag of marshmallows, a canister of icing and toothpicks. Give each team 15 minutes and challenge them to make the best igloo for a prize.

4. Potluck Lunch

Instead of a catered lunch or dinner at a restaurant, celebrate the holiday season with a company potluck. Encourage employees to bring their famous dish or dessert and have everyone eat together. Employees can vote on their favorite dish for the best potluck contribution.               

5. Host Ugly Holiday Sweater Days

Get in the holiday spirit with your employees and schedule an Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. Make it a contest to find or create the ugliest sweater. Don’t forget to take pictures!

6. Take a Cooking Class Together

Sign your team up for a cooking class and divide employees into teams of two, preferably with someone whom they don’t often interact. Together employees will work as a team to create a meal and share the results with everyone.

7. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition! Plan a scavenger hunt around the office, using items connected to your line of business for company history. Need help creating the scavenger hunt? See a guide here to help inspire ideas and get started.


When planning the holiday party for your company, make it the #1 goal for your employees to interact with each other in a fun way that will boost productivity long after the party ends. Choose activities that create a fun environment (while still work appropriate) that is conducive to team building for the most successful party.