7 Tips to Have Fun Out on a Budget

Do you find yourself avoiding going out for fear of disgracing this month’s budget or maybe you need a serious reality check on your spending habits? Because going out and having fun always requires a fat wallet, right?


Sure, it’s easy to spend too much, but overspending is not the only option and it is possible to have fun and not have to eat peanut butter sandwiches until your next paycheck.

To help you start saving immediately when you go out, follow our list of 7 Tips to Have Fun Out on a Budget.                   

1. Scope out Happy Hours Beforehand

Do. Your. Research. Approach happy hour with a plan and pick establishments that feature apps and drinks that peak your interest and won’t send you to the main menu for a full-priced dish. Restaurants often have different happy hours offerings on each day of the week or keep extended hours. Want a little help? Check out free apps like Happy Hour Finder or Cocktail Compass.

2. Bring Cash to Budget

Only want to spend $40 when you go out? Bring $40 cash and only let yourself use that cash. Bring a credit card just in case, but aim to stick to your intended activity cash budget.

3. Look for Restaurant Specials

Going out with kids? Look for “kids eat free on Tuesdays” promotions that offer free or discounted meals. Or, change up your date routine by checking out a restaurant that offers date night specials made for two.

4. Follow Your Way to Free Events

Chances are there is something free going on this weekend, especially in the summer months. Follow local museums, restaurants, independent stores, newspapers, etc. on social media to stay in the know. Advertising on social media is usually free, so you better believe companies and cities are going to take advantage of that medium when they promote their event.

5. Subscribe to Daily Deal Websites

Looking for a new activity to spice up your Saturday plans? Enter your city and subscribe to daily deal websites like Scoutmob or Savored or stick with the household names like Groupon or Living Social.

6. Be Mindful of What You’re Ordering

If you’re set on dessert, skip the appetizer or pick a lighter meal. If a need for variety leads to overspending, try splitting meals with your meal partner. Your waistline will thank you as well.  

7. Adjust Your Budget

The warm summer months means patios in the sun and a long list of fun outdoor activities. If you find yourself going out more in different seasons, adjust your budget to account for the difference.


A little prep, a bit of thought and a few small changes can make all the difference on your night’s fun factor and your checking account.


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