6 Ways to Profit from Your Hobby

They say if you follow your passion, the money will come along, too. Sometimes the connection between hobby and profit isn’t always very clear, though, so here are our suggestions for figuring out how to bring some extra cash on your spare time.

1. Is your hobby something which you can teach to others?

If your hobby doesn’t lead to something super tangible--like playing an instrument, or fashion--you can give lessons or host workshops. Lessons are better if there is meant to be incremental changes that benefit from recurring instruction (i.e. piano lessons), while a workshop is a better idea for something that gives people a structure or framework, and can take off from there (or, for the fashionistas, offer to do wardrobe consultations for folks). Website like Skillshare are great outlets to reach wider audiences, if your hobby translates well to the web.

2. Does your hobby making things, like art, jewelry, honey, etc?

The obvious answer here is to sell those things which you create. Set up a shop on Etsy, open a stall at your local farmer’s market, start going to craft shows, find your audience and where they shop.

BUT the untapped market might be in selling the byproducts of your hobby. If you make jewelry but have pieces which you don’t plan to use, sell them. If you belong to a wine club and receive wine in crates, sell the crates.

3. Is your hobby also a service?

Love repairing bicycles, but hate landscaping? Consider swapping services. It’s not exactly a money-maker, but if it saves you from doing something you truly dislike in favor of something more pleasurable, it has the value of time well spent.

4. Find a parttime job which relates to your hobby.

Love yoga? Consider becoming a teacher for a class or two a week. Baseball aficionado? Start writing about it. Read a lot? Help other people find their favorite author at a bookstore. Craigslist is a good starting place to find out if there’s a way to parlay your hobby into $$$.

5. Share your hobby online.

Services like Wordpress and Blogger allow you to create a basic site for free(ish). If you make things, write the instructions and sell them to people (great for sewers who make interesting patterns). It’s also a way for you to sell your wares or services by showing and doing. Show that you can walk the walk and talk the talk. Additionally, you can use Google Adsense to make a little extra money for when people click on ads featured on your site.

6. Enjoy photography?

Stock photo sites are always looking for photographs. If you enjoy photography, and don’t mind the idea of people using your photos for...well, whatever they choose, sites like iStockPhoto might be ideal for you.

The unofficial seventh way to make money on a hobby is to find ways to save money *on* said hobby. Maybe you can find others who use the same materials to buy in bulk and split the cost, or buy used items instead of buying new. Small savings add up, and pair your newfound thriftiness with one of the above to really see some money rolling in.