Getting Ready for Spring?

Winter seems to incubate the worst germs, and it’s rare to pass a season without a couple sniffles. Here at Benovate, up in the “Bold North,” we have been longing for the days when the huge farmers market opens up just down the street and we no longer have to put on multiple layers of clothing and heavy boots just to walk outside. Navigating the ice and unshoveled snow can be quite the adventure. Whether your winter is more fierce than ours or relatively mild, we can probably all agree that we’re welcoming the new season with open arms.

From waking up to sunlight,  grabbing lighter jackets to go outside and not having to worry about salt on your shoes, the change in seasons is upon us. Spring is in the air. And, although you might not know it yet, it will affect your health. With the elements of winter behind us (fingers crossed), here are some tips from UT Medical Center to start taking advantage of that spring feeling that will boost your health as well:

6 Tips to Help Prepare Your Health for the Change of Season


1.  Get back to active

Like we mentioned above, it’s not always enjoyable to opt to take a walk in the winter when you could be curled up watching Netflix in your warm house. With weather warming up, longer days and less snow and ice, the incentives are there to get back outside. Whether you’re into running, walking or any outdoor sports, start to implement a new routine.

2.  Infuse your diet with freshness

Hands up if you’re excited for the farmers market this spring and summer! Buying veggies and fruit imported from out of state is fine for winter, but there’s something extra special (and tasty) in picking up locally-sourced, seasonal foods. Google the kinds of fruits and vegetables that will be in available through the growing season in your area, and get a jump start on your meal planning.


3.  Drink better

Hot coffee in the morning is a lifesaver. And maybe through the afternoon, too. But caffeine is mega-dehydrating, and as temperatures go up, your body is going to need more hydration. Start to increase your water intake (and not just for spring, your body will thank you for water all year long). That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy an iced coffee through the summer, but all things in moderation, right?

4.  Get a physical

Maybe you have a few aches and pains chalked up to winter blues and temperamental weather. Start the season on the right foot by stopping in to your primary for a check up. And even if you aren’t feeling any pains, it’s always a good idea to have a general physical done. Ask about any new support services, recommendations for health, and more that might have emerged since your last visit.

5.  Wear sunscreen

As the song goes, it’s medically-proven to protect your skin. Get back in the groove of applying a little before your moisturizer (or opt for a moisturizer with sunscreen in it). Don’t forget your sunglasses, too, to protect your eyes as well. It’s an excuse to get a new pair!

6.  Be well

BBQs, hanging out with friends, hiking, camping, brunch on the things that make you happy. There’s a big correlation between strong relationships and friendships with overall health and happiness. Indulge in good company as we move into spring.


Spring is a time that we look to throw out the old and bring in the new. Take stock of the things that aren’t serving you - from a physical and mental perspective - and do a little spring cleaning in both areas!

How are you planning to better your health this spring? Share with us in the comment box below!

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