5 Renovations That Boost Your Home Value

Spring is nearly here. A time when we reemerge into the sunshine, shake off the dust from a long winter and look around our abodes at what we can freshen up with the changing seasons. Whether you bought a house recently or have been in yours for a while, chances are you’ve started a list (mental lists count) of all the home improvement projects you’d love to tackle.

As a general rule, about 75 to 80 cents of every dollar you spend on home improvements goes directly back into the home through increased value. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily hold true for every home improvement project, so maybe hold off on that waterslide off your roof or the gold-plated water faucets in the master bath.

Don’t be completely discouraged, though, because there are plenty of projects that will give you a return on investment - and then some. So if you’re looking to get some bang for your buck, here are 5 renovations to boost your home value without going broke.

1. Paint

This is one of the simplest ways to improve the look of your home. Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated – something home buyers everywhere are looking for. Opt for neutrals and the occasional accent wall if you’re feeling the need for dramatics.

2. Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Things like trees, plants native to your region, and perennials are great for your curb appeal, easy on the wallet and won’t intimidate home buyers with a brown thumb.

3. What’s in the Air?

If you have older carpets in your home, they may have trapped odors or allergens that are contaminating the air in your home. If possible, opt for hard-surface flooring – it’s easier to clean, don’t hold onto odors and give your house a modern look. If your carpets are there to stay, hiring a professional cleaner can really give them new life and get out any uninviting smells or stains.

4. Look Up

Many of us overlook the ceiling but there aren’t many structural elements date a house like popcorn ceilings. This is a fix you can do yourself or hire professionals to do. All in all, it’ll take a weekend and some patience but we promise, you’ll be happier once it’s gone.

5. Fix the Fixtures

Updated features can really make a space. In the kitchen and bathroom, fixtures like handles, faucets and lighting can bring a dated room into the modern era. The cost of this will depend on your budget, but any update will help to refresh your bathrooms and/or kitchen in no time!


What home improvement projects have you added to your list this spring?