5 Reasons to Love Getting Older

What’s your favorite age?

I posed this questions to some coworkers, and while I expected the results to come in lower (read: twenties), the youngest age reported was thirty. In fact, the favorite ages ranged from thirty all the way to ‘my current age’ (which I had too much tact to ask for specifics…but I know is *older*).

So what is about getting older that’s so much fun? The answers given by people might have you shaking your head or nodding, but the only consensus to draw from it is this: getting older isn’t a negative thing.

1. Maturity

Not only for yourself, but those with whom you interact. If you’re in a longterm relationship or married (and, hopefully, still in the relationship then), you’ve built an incredible bond with another person that’s completely personalized to your personalities. The same goes for the friendships that endure throughout the years, and the ability to know that you’ve certainly weathered some bad things, and are strong enough to handle anything.

2. Worrying less about how ‘things will turn out’

As I’m on the cusp of thirty, I look back on my twenties and on one hand wonder the he** I was thinking with some of my decisions. But on the other hand, I’m glad to have had those experiences because now I’m more confident and sure about where I want to take my career, and also know that things don’t have to follow a plan to turn out okay. Success doesn’t look the same to everyone, and it might not look like what you thought it would to you, either.

3. Knowing who you are

There’s something to be said about the possibilities of youth, and feeling like you can be anything you want to be. The flip side to knowing your limitations is also knowing your strengths, and while there are some setbacks that might have debilitated me when I was younger, I don’t let those things bother me quite as much as I did when I was younger.  This also extends to things like appearance and confidence, which brings me to number four…

4. Being too cool for things is actually not all that cool

There are way too many things that I can count for this. Being too cool to go to prom without a date? Check. Being too cool to dance to my favorite songs at events? Check. Too cool to eat what I really wanted and ordering a salad instead? Check. Too cool to wear a swimsuit and go swimming in the water and think everyone is focusing on me and my insecurities? Check.

This is going to get a little corny, but here goes: life is short. Do the things you want to do, and here’s a big lesson that I learned: I guarantee that nobody really gives a hoot what you eat/wear/do unless YOU call attention to it.

5. Nothing is forever

This applies to everything: relationships, people, life. My last grandparent passed away a few months ago, and it makes me sad. Unsurprisingly, right? But her passing calls to mind other incredibly special people to me who have also passed, and rather than be sad on a simple level, it also makes me a little more reflective and thoughtful about how I want to spend my time here.

While it feels like turning thirty is big milestone, I’m looking at it as just another in a series of milestones. It’s as big a deal as you make it, right?

What do you enjoy about getting older?