Living A Happy Life

Happiness starts with you; it cannot be found from a relationship, a career, or in the outside world. Many people have the tendency to tell themselves, “If I have a spouse, I will be happy,” or “I will be happier once I get a promotion,” but that doesn’t need to be the case. Happiness comes from what we make of ourselves. Oftentimes, we rely on the things around us to shape us into who we are and let them define our happiness, but the truth is, we can find it within ourselves.

If you want to live a happy life, answer these 5 questions:

1.  Is there a point to what I do?

Whether it’s a career, your hobbies, or the way you behave, do you feel that what you do is worthwhile? It is important to know and feel that what you do is meaningful. Do you feel personally rewarded by your actions? There are times where we get caught up in doing things for others and can end up forgetting to take care of ourselves. Yes, success in other parts of our lives is a great feeling, but it’s imperative to show yourself the same care and concern. Doing something that makes you happy, instead of those around you happy, will result in a more fulfilled life and can open your eyes to the way life should be lived.


2.  Why do I go to work each day?

This may be a fairly obvious question, but there are other reasons to work than to just earn a paycheck. Do you go to work because you feel you have no other option? Or do you go to work because you love what you do? You can always get a job and you can always quit a job. If you don’t feel happy at your job, what is keeping you there? Maybe the pay is good, but maybe being happy in a career is worth more than money. Odds are, you spend half of your waking hours at work, so being at a place you enjoy and doing work that you actually want to be doing is extremely important to living a happy life.


3.  Do I surround myself with positive people?

There is nothing more uplifting than to be with people who support you, love you, and want you to succeed. Having positive influences surrounding you can make or break how you live your life. Sure, you may have a friend who has been in your life for 10 or more years, but when they become toxic and bring you down, you should know it may be best to cut them out of your life. If a friendship or a relationship feels like a chore and like it’s draining you, it might be time to let them go. When you hang around with people who have positive energy, you will begin to feel the positive energy inside yourself.


4.  How will I make the most of this day?

You will never live the same day twice. Today should be the only day you worry about. You can’t control tomorrow until you get there, so why not enjoy today for what it is? Today is the best time to choose happiness, because one day you will realize that you won’t get it back and you could be left with regrets. Do you wish to waste an entire day feeling angry and upset? Or to make the best of the moment you’re in? Only what you do in the present will affect your future, so why not choose happiness?


5.  Am I where I want to be?

This question can be about our career, about where you live, or what you do with your days. Do your dreams feel fulfilled in your everyday life? If you answer no to this question, there needs to be a change. We only live one life, why not spend it doing what we love? Feeling like you want to quit your career to travel? Make a plan and go do it if it makes you happy. Unhappy with your relationship? Get out of it and find one that you enjoy being in. It is much easier said than done, but once we surround ourselves with people, places, and activities we love, life becomes much more enjoyable.


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