5 New Skills You Can Learn on Your Lunch Break

Anyone who wants to advance in their career needs to learn new skills at some point. The problem, though, is finding the time to invest in learning a new skill. Where can you grab some more time in your day? Let’s look at your lunch hour.

The lunch hour is a treasured part of any workday. It’s a timeframe during which you get to focus on yourself, nourishing your mind with food and, on the ambitious side, maybe some exercise or knowledge. Below are some awesome skills you can learn by dedicating a few minutes of your lunch hour to them daily. Paraphrasing Napoleon Dynamite, employers only want candidates who have great skills.

1.    Coding, Decoded
Learn how to build your very own website start to finish with some help from Lifehacker.

2.    Become a Microsoft Excel ninja
If you’ve ever googled how build a formula in Excel, you might have come across a website called Chandoo. Take some time to learn how to automate different tasks, create awesome charts, identify trends, and basically become the go-to Excel office source.

3.    Become a better speaker
Why pay for expensive professional development courses (with inconsistent results) when you and can invest time and enroll in the Coursera free course? Enrollment is quick and easy (Name, Email, Password), so get started know and take leadership, composition, and public speaking classes online in the comfort of your home!

4.    Indulge your passion for history
Both YouTube and SoundCloud/Apple Podcasts are great resources to learn directly from some of the world’s most noted historians. For example, The Great War is making waves on YouTube and Dan Carlin’s podcast Hardcore History takes a look at mankind’s grislier moments.

5.    Learn something cool
Have you ever thought of learning something new and fun that may essentially be useless? Well, evencool and maqtoob provides you with tutorials, facts, and links that walk you through those ‘need to know’ things… who knows, you could pick up a new talent or hobby.

For extra motivation, go out on a limb and see if any coworkers are interested in a new skill. Having someone learning it alongside of you helps reinforce the lesson and makes it more fun!