5 Must-Have After-Christmas Deals

November gets all the shopping hysteria. Black Friday, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday all promise steep discounts and limited-time only deals, but don’t believe the hype.  According to shopping analysts, the REALLY great deals come after Christmas, when retailers are doing their best to clear out 2015 inventory.

Below are five things which, according to past year trends, are priced lower following Christmas going into the New Year.

1. Clothing

Fact: inventory is lower, making assortment a problem, but overall, waiting until after Christmas nets more bang for the buck. Historically, shops like The Gap, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, and others hold far above-average post-Christmas sales. If you can hold off on buying, hold off until then.

2. Fitness gear

It’s said that January is always a big month for fitness clubs and fitness gear providers. The influx of well-meaning New Year resolution-ers, devoted to making 2016 be the year they shed those extra pounds, means that retailers are eager to sell, sell, sell their 2015 inventory. NordicTrack and Powerline, for example, are two popular brands who have historically offered better discounts post-holiday.

3. Electronics

Black Friday deals have reached ridiculous levels when it comes to laptops and televisions until you read the fine print. Most of the uber cheap electronics on sale are no-name or seriously off-brand with wonky warranties. However, the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January is a major showcase for upcoming products while heralding the passing of the previous generations. See where this is going?  Better deals for consumers and better quality to boot on those previous generation, must-have electronics.

4. Furniture

With New Year’s Day comes new styles and aesthetics, leaving last years’ styles in dust and on the equivalent to an Island of Misfit Sofas. Which is great news for those looking to upgrade: furniture is always heavily discounted during January and February, clearance at 40-75% off. Additionally, mattresses also tend to go on sale at this time as well. Bonus.

5. Christmas decorations

It might seem strange to buy things just to box them up until next year, but trust us: holiday décor shoots up to 75% off on December 26 at many stores. So load up on new stockings, holiday cards, must-have ornaments, and all those fun things. Just don’t forget about them and buy them again next December. 


With the variety of deals available post-holiday season, it makes sense to wait on those personal purchases until the holi-daze are over. Plan on starting 2016 with a clear head, clear conscience, and maybe a new laptop or mattress set.

What after-Christmas deals do you consider a must-have?