5 Money Saving Tips for Spring Travel

Minnesota winters might be notoriously rough, but at least they serve to make the other seasons look amazing in comparison. Spring is the natural comparison. We’ve spent all winter cooped up in a white, austere setting. It’s only natural that the first signs of spring--flower buds, tufts of green in lawn, earlier sunrises/later sunsets--tend to also awaken our inner sense of wanderlust.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the disposable income to jet away whenever the mood takes us. However, travel can be an ideal way to break out of stale routines and make new memories. Don’t let a lack of money today dash your travel dreams. Start by creating a savings plan that works for your life. Here are some awesome travel tips get you started from YTravelBlog:

Travel Tips & Saving Money

1. Be flexible
In the age of Internet planning, you can set flight alerts on a variety of sites to make sure you get the best prices. For example, flying during the middle week is usually cheaper than over a weekend.  So is taking early flights or red-eyes.

2. Book from the source
Websites like Expedia make booking a breeze when they can bundle your flight, car rental, and hotel in one. But those sites aren’t running a charity--they’re taking their cut, too--plus there might be some other specials for which you qualify. Booking directly on an airline or hotel website usually saves some money.  Neither industry likes having empty space--seats or rooms--and might have discounts available to fill them up.

3. Look for programs which might save you money
Review your memberships, credit card benefits, workplace discounts, anywhere you can think of that has a rewards program. Everything from Costco to American Express to state employees might result in a deal like frequent flyer miles to cash in or lower deals on car rentals, museum or concert tickets, and other types of entertainment.

4. Scope out locations
Sign up for e-newsletters, follow various places on social media, and visit the websites of spots you want to check out on vacation. Most museums have free (or reduced) admission days, others might have lotteries or other kinds of insider opportunities. It doesn’t exactly mean that you’ll score free Hamilton tickets, but you can still usually find some pretty cool stuff for less than market price.

5. Lodge on the cheap
When you travel, are you looking for the all-inclusive type of experience? Or is it more about the location and learning a new culture? If you’re in the latter camp, read on. Hostels and guesthouses can be great if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with strangers (do some research ahead of time to make sure it’s an okay spot). Fans of the Kate Winslet-Cameron Diaz movie “The Holiday” might be interested in house-swapping. And, if you’re not above a little hard labor in exchange for room and board, look up World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms (WWOOF).

There are a million more ways to save on spring travel. What are your favorites?