Building a Company Culture of Health

Want Healthy Employees?Build a Company Culture of Health.

Healthy employees usually make better employees for a few reasons. For starters, many employees are still going to work when they are not feeling their best. Simply think about how it feels to be ill or have a sore back, carpal tunnel, or any other ailment. It’s not fun, right? It’s harder to concentrate on projects and tedious tasks when there’s a constant ache in your body.

On a larger scale, unhealthy employees affect the productivity of the entire team as well. If they are absent from work or have an extended leave due to a medical procedure, other employees need to complete more work to make up for that absence. According to the CDC, productivity losses linked to absenteeism costs US employers $225.8 billion each year (or $1675 per employee).


"No matter the size of your business, promoting safe and healthy practices can increase profitability and productivity." (CDC)

Studies show that improving the overall health of your employees can increase the overall health in an organization. It encourages teamwork and reduces leave time as well as workplace accidents. It was even found that companies with outstanding health programs and policies outperformed the S&P 500 by 3-5%.  To be most effective, organizations should implement a wide-ranging wellness program/plan, but here are a few ways to start building a culture of health within your company.

4 Ways to Increase Employee Health:

1.   Encourage Healthy Eating

Unhealthy eating is linked with a 66% loss in productivity, so find ways to make it the norm at the office. You could develop healthy food policies or invite a doctor or nutritionist onsite to address employee questions or concerns. Offer healthy snacks in the company kitchen or award incentives for making better food choices. Consider installing an industrial juicer or blender so employees can create their own smoothies.

2.   Help Employees Quit Smoking

It’s pretty much drilled into folks from an early age now, but here it is again: smoking is bad for you and has an impact on more than just the smoker themselves. Make your company property smoke-free to avoid issues with secondhand smoke. Help and support the employees who do smoke and offer reimbursements to make patches or quit kits more affordable.

3.   Encourage Employee Exercise

Moving more is a sure way to become healthier. Organizations can make it fun by tapping into employee competitiveness by providing Fit-bits or other trackers to employees. Offer incentives for biking to work (and give people a place to lock up their bikes as well). Some fitness instructors offer onsite training as well, like yoga or more intense classes.  If you go with something a little more strenuous, consider installing showers for employees since “getting sweaty” can be a big barrier to working out during work hours.

4.   Improve Mental Health

Train managers on effective communication and other mental health strategies, like eliminating bullying or other unprofessional behaviors. Offer training for all employees to recognize the signs of stress and more severe disorders.  Hire counselors or yoga/meditation instructors to come when your employees experience higher than normal stress levels due to seasonal or quarterly deadlines. Host team-building activities to improve communication and boost morale.   


There's is a clear connection between employee health and the overall health of an organization. Benovate is a great solution to work toward a culture of wellness at your company and help improve engagement in employee/member health, as well as overall workplace satisfaction and engagement. Everyone knows the basics of how to be healthy, but if your culture doesn’t support it, it’s really hard to make those choices and revert back to unhealthy habits. By creating a company culture where the healthy choice becomes the easy choice, your organization will thrive and employees will become healthier, happier, and empowered to do their best work. 

What ways do you know or have used in your company that can help build a culture of health within your company? Share with us in the comment box below!


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