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Need a Little Motivation? 4 Fitness Apps Connecting Friends

Social fitness apps are everywhere these days. Whether you are locked in a weekly battle for the most steps, a competition for the fastest mile, or just encouraging each other do your best, there’s an app for that.

Fitness tracking apps can vary widely depending on your goals and chosen devices (not to mention your level of competitiveness). But in addition to being social, sharing these types of activities can be very motivating for users. It’s helpful to have someone cheer you on when you make good choices via diet and/or exercise – even if it’s just a smiley face on an update.

Apps that enhance those social connections between users are the next best thing to having your personal fitness coach. Here are our faves to connect with our friends while working towards a healthier lifestyle.


Our Favorite Apps for Fitness Tracking with Friends:


Fitbit often tops the list when it comes to social fitness apps. Their trackers come in a variety of styles and at a variety of price points, and they’ve invested in making their app one of the most user friendly out there. Plus, the social features are incredibly robust. Users can invite connections to challenges based on timeframes or through a hypothetical nature walk; there’s also a leaderboard that displays the top “steppers” every week. You can even share accomplishments you’re proud of with family and friends over text or email.


Are you really a runner if you aren’t logging on Runkeeper? Jokes aside, Runkeeper tracks more than just runs: bike rides, walks, and more can be logged here. Best of all, you can build an in-app network of friends and connections with whom you can compete or nudge when they haven’t been active..


Nike is arguably the first to step into the social fitness app space when the Nike+ hit the market a decade or more ago. They’ve kept the product up and enhanced it new ways. While Fitbit requires all users to use a Fitbit, Nike+ allows users to sync their individual device and then share out to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Runners can also share specific running routes and duration with their favorite running buddies.


Endomondo is another omnipresent tracker for nearly any activity in which you choose to indulge. What sets it apart is connecting with friends via app, and the ability for their comments on your workout to be read to you as motivation. Endomondo can also export to a fitness diary and to social networks as well.

Social Support Adds to Workout Gains

Having support from friends, families, even strangers has been shown to result in faster and more effective weight loss and habit modification around health. It adds another level of motivation and fun to keeping up with your healthy habits. Who—or what app—inspires you?

Here at Benovate, our employees aim to keep up with the latest health technology trends by trying new products and fads, so we tested out 4 of the most widely-used wearable health trackers to see which ones are top-notch technology. Most of these trackers also have phone apps to go with them, and all of these can be connected to a Benovate account. 

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