Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is Key to Every Organization.

There’s an episode of Mad Men where a young copywriter, Peggy, is having a disagreement with her boss, Don. Ok, to be honest, there are many, many episodes in which this happens, but we’re focusing on one specific incident. Peggy is frustrated with her work not being recognized, and pointedly says that he never thanks her for her contributions, emotional investment, and how she continuously goes above and beyond. Don dismissively, and with his characteristically out-of-touch panache, replies: “That’s what the money's for!”

Enhance Your Employee Engagement!

Citing the mid-century workplace drama, Mad Men, might sound like a strange reference for an article on employee engagement. But it’s a perfect example of what does NOT engage employees, particularly as baby boomers retire, Gen Xer’s rise higher into management, and millennial's move into the workforce. These different generations look for different things in their careers. And for the younger generations, they’re looking for emotional resonance as well as a paycheck, which is what employee engagement is all about.

Forbes describes true workplace engagement as more than just being happy or satisfied. It’s about the emotional investment that influences employees to use discretionary effort to do better because they care more. It’s a little like making dinner just for yourself or hosting a dinner party for your loved ones. When cooking for yourself you might not be concerned with plating, how flavors interact, etc. But when you’re preparing something for people you care about, then you want to make sure that every plate is perfect, the smudges are gone from the glasses, and all the details are perfect.


"It’s about the emotional investment that influences employees..."


Many studies have found correlations between employee engagement and areas like service, safety, quality, retention, and more. Here are some more reasons why employee engagement as a wellness benefit should be at the top of your organizational to-do list.

3 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is Important to Every Organization:

  • Higher engagement = higher productivity.

In the previous dinner example, we highlighted how an emotional investment drives people to do better. In the workplace, this translates to higher productivity. Gallup estimates that a lack of workplace engagement can cost organizations over $400 billion when workplace accidents, absenteeism, and healthcare effects are factored in. Benovate is a health engagement platform and provides a way to reduce these negative effects and enhance employee engagement.

  • Engaged employees are less likely to quit, increasing employee retention.

When we feel like we’re working for something in which we believe, we’re less likely to quit or leave. If you’re happy in a relationship, you usually don’t think of leaving, right? Annual employee turnover costs companies big in the long run. Engaging employees, and creating a culture of workplace engagement, increases retention. With custom cards, Benovate gives employers the ability to take this engagement to another level by allowing them to personalize content and announcements.

  • Communication, creativity, and *big picture thinking* increase with employee engagement.

In a dysfunctional workplace, employees clock in and clock out without a high level of investment in the meetings, conversations, and interactions that made up their day. On the flip side, engaged employees are more effortlessly communicative in their work. They connect more with their fellow employees, who share their commitment, as well as focus their energy toward creative brainstorming and finding new ways to do things better.

Armed with these reasons why employee engagement matters, we can see how Don’s particular brand of ineffective management drives Peggy to leave the agency. Not acknowledging your employees as human beings with thoughts and desires leaves them to feel devalued, as just a commodity that can be bought, sold and exchanged. Implementing engagement strategies shows them that they are an important part of the organization with an important part to play in its success.

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