10 Ways to Train Yourself to be Happy

What is happiness? Whatever happiness is, we all strive to get to that sense of meaningfulness or well-being in our lives. Having that sense of optimism and life satisfaction will make it easier to maintain those healthy habits, such as, exercising, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep. Laura Kubzansky, a professor at Harvard School and Public Health, says people are more likely to engage in those behaviors because they perceive them as helpful ways to achieving their goals.

Happiness is said to be under our control, we just need to find out how to get there. On March 20th, “Project Happy” was launched to help gather different ways we purse the meaning of happiness, and thus providing tips to train yourself in becoming that happy person. Featured in CNN, a list was put together of 10 ways to get happy, here are some highlights:

1. Practice kindness.

Do something nice for someone else, whether it's someone you know or a stranger. It can be spur of the moment or planned out. You can do the good deed anonymously, like pay it forward or giving something away that you were going to sell, why not give it away for free? It can be something simple, such as smiling, holding doors open, or give compliments.

2. Buy experiences, not stuff.

 Fill your life with experiences! Go see the world, learn new things, and try new foods. “Instead of buying the jersey of your favorite baseball player, for example, buy a pair of tickets to a game, which will allow you to spend time with a friend or a loved one." –Ryan Howell, Professor at San Francisco State University.

3. Focus on time, not money.

Have you heard the saying “time is precious”? Well, marketing professor Cassie Mogilner, has found that the people who typically focus on money, will later realize that time is a precious resource. It will lead to spending their time in ways that are more fulfilling and that makes them happier, like sharing that time with friends or loved ones. Life Is Short – Enjoy It!

4. Lose yourself in your activities.

Do you remember the time you got so involved in an activity that you "lost" yourself? Give yourself the freedom to "lose" yourself in a new or old activity that occupies your brain and body. Increase the number of activities you try, whether that’s cooking, hiking, woodworking or trying out a new sport. Your opportunities are endless.

Happiness can be something as simple as learning a new language, starting a new job, or raising a family. Whatever that happiness is, everyone deserves that chance to have meaningfulness in their lives. So pick 1 out of those 10 ways to get happy, because happy people don’t sit around and wait, they go for it!