10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day on A Budget

Mid-May brings many things. Flowers are blooming, warmer weather is in store, and it’s time to start planning summer events and trips. Before you do that, don’t forget to make a plan for Mother’s Day-- a day where the term can be as subjective as we please to honor the ladies who raised us.

It’s only natural to want to spoil these special women on the day designated to honor them, but a Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to break the bank. The good news is, most moms love gifts from the heart and not just from the wallet, which are easily achievable if you’re on a budget.  

These ideas might take a little more effort than simply having a florist drop off a bouquet, but that extra effort simply adds to the gift. So pull out some photos, a little Mod Podge, and get cracking.

1. Create Your Own Gift Basket
Many shops offer pre-made gift baskets, which seem like a great timesaver, but the price tag can be ginormous. Plus, there are always a few items included that make you say to yourself, “Hmm… not her style.” So, take the time to create a custom gift basket, just for Mother’s Day. The most popular idea seems to be a spa basket, but tailor it to what your mom likes. Knitting? Fill up on needles and yarn. Movie buff? Popcorn, candy, and movie tickets.

2. Custom Photo Frames
Take an afternoon to hit up local thrift shops and scout out some unique frames (ignore any questionable existing photos). Pop out the artwork and insert your favorite photos, like a collage of Insta-memories. If the frame isn’t quite her style, pick up some spray paint to give it a little extra panache.

3. DIY Mugs
Ok, not actually making a mug. Gimme Some Oven has this tutorial that requires dollar store mugs and paint markers. Simply paint on the mug and pop in the oven!

4. Coupon Books
We’ve all done this in the past (free hugs, anyone?) but you can put an adult spin on it. There are printable options out there, but it’s more fun to put your own style into this idea. Personalize it to your relationship with your mom...like no sarcasm for a day, or taking her out for a pedicure another day.

5. DIY Photo Coasters
PopSugar has the full directions on how to make these meaningful keepsakes. It boils down to a few things: photos, tiles, and a few other tools easily picked up at your local hardware store.  Added gift idea: pick up some of her favorite drinkware, whether it’s a mug for tea or margarita glasses.

6. Bouquet of Flowers
Made from materials of your choice.  Choose a mode--candy, yarn, paper, cupcakes, etc--or just Google homemade bouquets and choose an option that comes up that would be a perfect fit for your mom.

7. Custom Candles
It’s surprisingly easy to transfer images to candles. Choose some photos, family-related newspaper clippings like birth or marriage announcements, or download a pattern from the Internet.

8. Take Her Out
Do you have to spend money on a big brunch and day of activities? Of course not. It’s all about the time spent together. Consider what your mother likes, and go from there. Spend an afternoon walking through a park, sipping coffee on a cafe patio, or wandering through a museum. Hop on Groupon or LivingSocial to save a few more bucks or for more ideas.

9. Make a Sugar Scrub
Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating. All you need is sugar, a carrier oil, and some essential oils to create something soothing. Bonus gift? Loofahs or scrubbing stones.

10. Potted Plants
This time of year, there’s no shortage of flowers waiting to find homes in pots. Jazz up the typical terra cotta style of pots with some Sharpie markers and paint to customize them further. Even better, bring everything to your mom’s house to pot and decorate them together.

Not feeling especially crafty or really low on cash? Don’t worry—just spending a little quality time with mom can be the best Mother’s Day gift. Help her complete a project she has been putting off, watch a movie together, look at old photos, play some board games, or cook her dinner. Things only last a short time, but the memories you make together will last forever.

Happy Mother's Day!