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The Benovate® app allows you to better track your progress and growth on the go. You can log in, complete tasks, and interact with Cards. You can even use all the advanced features your workplace has elected to include. Read more below to learn about all the special features in Benovate's® app, available on both iOS and Android.  

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Benovate app - easier incentive management

No matter how your workplace includes incentives for your progress, you can manage everything you would do in the browser platform right from the app on your smart phone or mobile device.

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Benovate® Virtual Care

Accessing telehealth features through Benovate® is just as easy from your phone as it is from your desktop. If your organization includes Benovate® virtual care, you can join a telehealth session from your mobile device making it easier, and even more accessible, to be proactive with your health needs.

Benovate® virtual care is not in your platform? Talk to your HR representative, or your Health Champion about adding this important benefit to your team's service package.

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Check your benefits 

We all forget the details of our health benefits from time to time. Having easy access to your company's benefits package, insurance information, HSA, etc. is just one of the many features of the Benovate® mobile app. 

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