Benovate® started with a vision of a different model for healthcare.  We're building a model for the future of healthcare, a technology platform deploying a set of managed services across the industry where individuals, families and/or companies can purchase the services and engage in risk management programs. These recommendations are generated through Benovate's® technology platform based on the user's current needs and future risks. It's a preventative model, not a reactionary one, and therein lies the disruption of the current health market.  

We believe this structure has the potential to change the payment structure as well, disrupting the cycle of increasing deductibles and resulting in less care for patients, less revenue for providers, and increased dependency on high fee-for-service procedures. And the cycle repeats itself, all the while creating a population that avoids hospital visits until absolutely necessary.  

By interrupting this cycle, providers become less dependent on those high fee-for-service procedures and are incentivized to focus on wellness initiatives and proactively helping to manage the health of their patients. Benovate® gives users the information they need to make healthy choices as well as connect them with relevant resources.  Ultimately providing consumer choice and a decision making capability based on individual needs results in a lower cost structure and more stable and profitable revenue stream for healthcare providers.  

Benovate® - Inspiring a health totally well-being. 

Michael M. Birdman
President & CEO

Mr. Birdman brings over 25 years experience as a strategic business developer and executive leader in employee benefits, insurance product sales and client service management to Benovate Holdings. His history of developing, managing and driving strategic vision for complex organizations has led to his clients’ financial growth and profitability while maintaining client service, quality and reliability. With an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Mr. Birdman has an understanding of healthcare intricacies allows him to make targeted approaches to business and product development in fast-changing, competitive environments. 

Danny Patterson
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Patterson brings over 18 years of experience in the development of innovative technology platforms and managing diverse teams of technical talent.  He is chief architect of the intellectual property and asset that is Benovate, and manages a team of engineers and business analysts.
Previously, Mr. Patterson lead software development projects for organizations including NBC, GE, Yahoo!, BBC, Starz, FedEx, Target and Food Network, as well as many technology startups.  He is a recognized leader in the software development industry having published two books, over 40 articles and spoken at many conferences. Mr. Patterson has spent his entire career pushing the limits of what is possible on the web, solving complex problems while providing a great user experience.