Today's healthcare consumer lacks the care, awareness and ownership necessary to make meaningful improvements to their health. The result of this is in the United States, we spend almost $3 TRILLION dollars on healthcare annually, while our overall health is declining. Employers, providers, individuals and their communities know something has to change.

Benovate is that change.


The Benovate Solution

Benovate improves health by connecting our members directly to local health providers, incenting them to engage proactively in their health and supporting them with a health community built around healthy resources in their community


Benovate Health Engagement Platform

Benovate Platform-01.png

Incenting True Change


Different people are motivated in different ways. This is why Benovate offers a range of incentive strategies that engage everyone, regardless of health status. We design programs that work for companies of any size, budget and climate. Benovate motivate employees to improve lifestyle choice, reducing the burden of healthcare costs, absenteeism, presenteeism and more.


Industry Efforts Have Fallen Flat

Fixing healthcare by focusing on premium costs and benefit offerings hasn't worked. The foundation of healthcare costs stem from disconnected and minimal attention to care


We're Putting the Focus Back on Care

Benovate brings care to the forefront and strengthens the ties between benefit options, premium costs and the reality of day-to-day self care. Healthcare reform hasn’t always worked - Benovate does.


Find Out How to Engage and Improve Health with Benovate