The Benovate Model incorporates data, health, incentives and insurance.

Benovate focuses on preventative, not reactive health, and improving health at a community level.



Benovate integrates your group’s data in an innovative way. We utilize medical claims data, hospital EMR-health data and individual data metrics to perform data analytics to fully understand health conditions and their impact for the individual, group, and the community. Armed with this data, we are able to build effective plan designs, identify what programs and activities are appropriate, and determine what targeted incentives will drive better health outcomes.



The Benovate program creates a health roadmap for our members by focusing on education and health risk management. Benovate provides a custom and intuitive experience for everyone. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all program, we provide education and engagement opportunities through the Benovate App, where members can learn about their current health status, access content and resources unique to their specific health risks, and engage in preventative health activities most relevant to them.



We believe that incentives are paramount for creating true and lasting change in any organization. Considering that different people are motivated in different ways, Benovate offers incentive programs to fit any group. Your group can choose between premium reductions, employer contributions to tax-advantaged accounts, access to our community partners, or all three. Our goal is to provide members an opportunity to be rewarded for proactively managing their health.



Benovate works with your broker or consultant to review existing health plan options and compare against data gathered from respective claims review and employee assessments and screenings. In most cases we are able to provide a more flexible insurance mechanism that rewards employers and employees for investing in their health.


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